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Car Power Inverter 100W

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Bring 220V AC Power To You, Anywhere, Anytime from Cigarette lighter plug of your Car.

Car Power Inverterr widely use in the car, on the boat, transfer 12V DC power directly to 220V AC power for supplying the Laptop computers, camera, cell phones, camcorders, televisions, electric shaver, and other electronic devices when outdoor for tour, camping and medical treatment. The car power inverter has advantages of Compact and light weight, practical and prefect modeling, and its self-supplied auto cigarette lighter plug can easily connect to a vehicle’s battery. you can get 220v AC direct from the car power inverter output socket. Specifications: 1) Input Voltage:DC12V(10—14.8V) 2) Output Voltage:AC220V(AC100V,AC120V,AC240V) 3) Continuous Power output: 100W 4) Surge Power Capacity:300W 5) Output Waveform:Modified Sine Wave 6) Frequency: ±4% 50Hz,(60Hz) 7) Availability Power: ≥90.5% 8) LOW Voltage Range: 9) High Voltage Range: >DC14.8V 10)No Load current: ≤0.4A 11)Over Load Protect: >150W 12)Over Heat Protect : >60℃ 13) Fuse: Built in 2X20A 14) Cooling Fan: One 15) USB charger port:5V—500mA

Car Power Inverter 100W price in Pakistan