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Product details of Bamboo Wooden Laptop Table with cooling fans

  • 1. Solid material, smooth and polished surface.
  • 2. Please wipe the bamboo furniture with a towel before use to remove the hairs and fine burrs on the surface. When the bamboo furniture is not in use, wipe it clean, air dry it, wrap it with plastic foam, and place it in a ventilated environment.
  • – Selected five years old bamboo, tough wear – resistant, durable.
  • – It can be used as computer desk, desk, bed table, table, etc.
  • – Folding and storage, simple and convenient, do not take up space.
  • – Hollow design, machine carving technology hollow heat hole, beautiful, heat dissipation fan easy to use.
  • – Anti-skid baffle, can prevent the notebook from sliding, while the smooth surface also prevent the notebook from being hurt.
  • – Adjustable panel gear, ergonomic 3 gear Angle, choose the right Angle for you, moderate change Angle, can prevent cervical fatigue.
  • – Height adjustment screw, humanized manual adjustment screw design, both labor saving and sweat resistant.
  • – Receive small drawer, convenient place U dish, earphone, phone and other small items, small accessories no longer easy to lose, small but practical.
  • 1 x Portable Laptop Desk